Thank you, JudoJesus

This isn’t a review. This is a thank you note to a person I’ve never met. It’s pretty sappy.

I met JudoJesus in a 1v1 match in Overwatch.

I’ve always hated playing against real people in multiplayer games, because I’ve always heard about how awful the communities are. And yeah, sometimes there’s a lot of mean-spirited people who seem to be on whenever you are, but it’s a given in the gaming world, right?

Well, today I clicked on 1v1 after growing confident enough with the different arcade modes. I hadn’t met too many mean people, and I was hoping that maybe the person I was playing against would be kind enough to let me just get the lootbox and go back to fighting A.I.

I entered the game, and was paired up against someone named JudoJesus. We were both playing Bastion (not of our own choice; in fact, their first word was “ugh” as we watched the intro), and I noticed their skin was no where near my basic skin. I checked what level they were.


I’m only level 34. I figured I was doomed, but I tried to start a conversation anyway.

“lol yeah, i’m just in it for the lootbox anyway”

“same here”

They didn’t want to be in that situation just like me. I decided I would take the high road.

“i’ll let you win so you can get your lootbox,” I typed, knowing that would leave me with another match, and another moment of stressing about my opponent.

“what about your loot?” They asked.

I told them I would just play again, and they agreed. They seemed hesitant, however, watching me with Bastion’s eye-less face for a minute before killing me.

On to Symmetra, one of the numerous characters I’m bad at.

While I was waiting for death, JudoJesus said something I didn’t expect, however.

“let’s just make this even. if i lose, i lose,” they said.

I laughed and typed back, “sure, but i’ll still lose lmao”

They told me to just try.

Somehow I beat them that round, and they beat me in the next.

I don’t know if they felt bad, but for some reason they left during that final round, leaving my Tracer to run around aimlessly, confused as to why I couldn’t hear them.

I got my lootbox and watched my (terrible) play of the game. I messaged them after, thanking them for the match.

JudoJesus reminded me that the Overwatch community isn’t just a bunch of frustrated nerds, even though I find that fact shoved into my face often with songs on youtube, posts on tumblr, and messages from friends. Sometimes we’re good, even in situations where it doesn’t matter that much.

They could have easily left me to play another round with another stranger, but instead they gave me the easiest win possible (and a decent conversation).


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