N7 Day Brings New Andromeda Trailer

Originally published Nov. 7.

On Nov. 7 each year, fans of the hit video game series “Mass Effect” celebrate the franchise and are usually treated to small videos or surprises by developer Bioware.

Bioware created N7 day in 2012 for the fifth anniversary of the series, announcing a multiplayer event in Mass Effect 3 where players would win a banner to celebrate.

In 2013, fans were treated to glimpses for the upcoming fourth game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

2014 brought with it now-annual sales in the Bioware store and art from Andromeda.

In 2015, fans were treated to a video voiced by Jane Shepard, the main character in the first three games of the series, as well as more art from Andromeda.

With Andromeda being formally announced at E3 last year, trailers have been coming out almost once every few months. So for 2016’s N7 day, fans were treated to an extended trailer for Andromeda as well as more information about the game.


In the trailer, the narrator says “600 years from where we stand,” leading fans to speculate if the game takes place 600 years after Mass Effect 3.

 The trailer also reveals the Ryder family. Fans have seen the father, Alec, before in the original E3 trailer for the game in his N7 uniform. Players will have the option to choose between his children, Sarah and Scott, to play as in the game.

Currently the release date for Andromeda is set for Spring 2017 after being delayed from its original release date of December.


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