My Top 3 Halloween Events

Gamers looking to get into the Halloween spirit have been invited to take part in numerous events over the past few weeks, including two in some of the top games on the market and one of the most popular mobile games of the year.

Image result for overwatch halloween terror

Overwatch players were greeted to a spooky new main screen which introduced new character skins on Oct. 11. Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event came with new Halloween-themed character skins, including Mercy’s Witch skin and Symmetra’s Vampire skin, victory poses and voice lines.

The Hollywood map is changed to reflect the season, with movie posters showing horror movies and the skybox changed to be nighttime.

Players were also introduced to a new brawl type called Junkenstein’s Revenge, which is a horde game-type. Players can choose between Ana, Hanzo, McCree and Soldier: 76 to fight against Junkrat’s zombie robot horde and his partners Mercy, Roadhog and Reaper. The entire brawl is narrated by Reinhardt as if it was a fairytale.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event ends Nov. 1.

Image result for destiny festival of the lost 2016

 In Destiny, the Festival of the Lost returned for its second year on Oct. 25. The masks from previous years return, allowing players to look like characters from the series. The candy collecting mechanic has also returned, this time letting players buy items with full bags of candy.

Only Playstation 4 and Xbox One players can participate in Festival of the Lost, which will wrap up on Nov. 8.

Following its lackluster start this past summer, Pokémon Go started its first holiday event on Oct. 26, though many players were able to access it on Oct. 25.

Players will find a boosted number of ghost-type pokémon on their travels, as well as a boosted number of candies: players are rewarded 6 candy for catching a pokémon and 2 for transferring them. Players’ buddies, pokémon that collect candy from a certain distance traveled, will also get candy four times faster.

Pokémon Go’s Halloween event will end on Nov. 1.


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