Destiny: Rise of Iron Has Puppies (and Lore)

Originally posted Sep. 26.



Game company Bungie’s recently released expansion DLC for their game Destiny gives players a better look at the history and lore.

Released on Sept. 20, the DLC marks the second big expansion – and the fourth expansion in general – to the base game. Players take their characters back to Old Russia on Earth to learn more about the Iron Lords from their remaining member, Lord Saladin. Saladin has already been a staple character to the series, ringing in the Iron Banner event every month. But now players can learn his backstory and the tragedy that befell the Iron Lords.

The DLC begins with a cinematic revealing the history of the Iron Lords. The graphics for the cutscene are far above what Bungie released with the base game two years ago; facial expressions and details, such as the characters hair, are beyond what was possible then.

A new main storyline is available to players, as well as a new patrol and social zone. The Plaguelands is also available to patrol on Earth, making for the first time that there are two patrolable zones on one planet. The new social zone, The Iron Temple, is also located on Earth.

Also available are three new multiplayer maps, a new strike, and a new raid.

There are also, as usual, added weapons, shaders, armor, and a higher light-level cap- players can now reach a light-level of 385. Also added are new enemies, or at least reskins of the Fallen.

Like the calcified fragments in the Taken King DLC, there are new collectibles called clusters. These are located throughout the new play area, hidden back in corners and crevices. Some of which are only available during missions.

The story for Rise of Iron seems lackluster in its delivery, rushing by as players are thrown from mission to mission, much like Destiny’s base missions. The cinematics, as said before, are more eye catching, but the story doesn’t seem to take hold like the graphics do.

As with every launch, there are also a number of glitches. With every server reset, lag among peers in a cooperative game is expected, but not among enemies. Fallen will jump around, teleporting from one place to another, or randomly spawn right in front of you.

If readers are Destiny fans, the DLC is cautiously recommended. The graphics updates and new play areas are nice and fun to explore, but the story fails to hold ground; it’s very similar to the base game that was put out two years ago.

Rise of Iron is available for purchase for the PS4 and Xbox One through the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store for $30. Players must also have the Taken King DLC. Also available to buy is Destiny: The Collection, which includes the base game, first two DLC, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron for $59.99 at all major game retailers and the previously listed online stores.


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